How to identify the quality of the fleece and how to identify the quality of the fleece

- Aug 03, 2018-

First of all, you have to be clear about which side it is used for. For example: making blankets, clothes, etc. This requires the general situation of each customer's needs, the majority of the long-fiber fleece of the blanket. Short fiber fleece is slightly more expensive than long fiber fleece. Short-staple fleece is generally woven from 32S polyester yarn, and its English (100% polyesterspunpolarfleece) which is ash-gray fleece is also a staple fiber fleece.

Long-fiber fleece is generally woven from polyester filaments and may be woven with polyester 150D96F, 150D48F, 150D144F, 150D288F, 75D72F, 75D144F, 100D144F, 100D288F, and the like. Its English expression (100% polyesterfilamentpolarfleece), in general, the higher the F value, the fabric feels better, the price of the fleece is higher. For example, 100D144F, 150D144F and other fleece have belonged to ultrafine fleece. Long-fiber fleece can be divided into low-elastic fleece (DTY) and filament (FDY). Their English expression is (100% polyester Micro-polarfleece). On the place of origin, the quality is Kunshan and Changzhou in Shanghai and Jiangsu. Jiangyin and so on are a little higher.

In addition, the common abnormalities of general fleece: there are horizontal strips (looms or yarns), knife marks or straight strips, indentations caused by excessive stacking pressure, holes (brushing machine), left and right yin and yang (created by Brora), color trace (dye), water trace (sharp machine vapor condensate) and so on.

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