How to properly clean velvet fabric

- Jun 25, 2018-

How to properly clean velvet fabric

Velvet fabrics can be dry-cleaned and washed, and they should be floated first.

1, dry cleaning

Before washing velvet clothes, first use a clean, soft-bristled brush to brush the dust on the velvet surface, and then gently rub it in gasoline - for more dirty areas, you can focus on kneading a few times. After washing, squeeze out a large amount of gasoline on the surface, wrap it in a dry towel, and squeeze it gently to suck the petrol in the remaining fabric as much as possible onto the towel. After opening, shake the clothing a few times and let it dry. Shop on the desk, use a soft brush, pick up the gasoline, brush it, and dry it afterwards.

2, washed

First float the floating dust with clean water, and then put into the water soaked with detergent, rub a lot, do not use a seesaw or brown brush; when washing, it must be done at one go. Do not soak halfway in the washing liquid. Too long to damage the fabric The fibrous tissue, and fading; after rinsing, should not be hard twisted, can be placed on the plate gently squeeze out the water, and finally placed in the shade and dried.

1. Avoid alkaline detergent, should use neutral or silk special detergent

2. Cold or warm water wash, not long time soaking

3. Gentle washing, avoid twisting, avoid scrubbing hard brush

4 should be dry, avoid sunlight, should not be dried

5. Some silk fabrics should be dry cleaned

6. Dark silk fabric should be rinsed with water to avoid fading

7. Wash separately from other clothing

8. Avoid twisting



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