Knitted suede fabric

- Jul 12, 2018-

Made from fine-denier polyester, the specification is 75D/144F, the width of the fabric is 150cm, and the weight is 240g per square meter. The fabric is windproof and breathable. After the initial setting, raising, shearing, fiber opening and other processes, the suede suede is soft and even. It is understood that this fabric is environmentally friendly dyed, not only bright color, good color, and will not burden human health. Finally, the fabric is treated with a hot film, which allows the fabric to be easily cleaned and has a waterproof and dusty effect. After the fabric is treated with a hot film, the wavy stripes on the fabric can give people a feeling of galloping the sea, which not only makes people feel open-minded, but also reflects a feeling of being born from the heart. The fabric has good thermal insulation properties, anti-wrinkle performance, good drape, rich suede and so on. In addition, the cloth body is tight and thick, the hand feels soft and soft, the fabric is easy to wash, quick drying, and ironing is also unique to the fabric. Therefore, the fabric is used in various fields such as clothing, bags, shoes and hats.

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