Super soft short plush

- Sep 03, 2018-


The fabric is made of polyester DTY75D/144F and FDY54D/24F; the product has body and strength, and the fabric feels soft and hairy. After pre-treatment and heat-setting wet treatment before dyeing, the fabric shrinks and the density increases. Dyeing and finishing fabrics are not only dazzling, sparkling, but also full of three-dimensional and dynamic. In particular, the high F of polyester DTY75D/144F increases the softness of the fabric. The texture is soft, the hand feels comfortable, and special functions such as moisture-proof and warm-keeping are achieved through special processing.


On the market: super soft composite non-woven series, super soft short plush engraving, super soft short plush composite single-faced velvet, super soft short plush composite T/C series

Lotion mode editing

Cold water, non-rolling bucket washing machine, please put it in the laundry bag. The dark bathrobe is washed for the first time, and the light bathrobe is fine. It can be machine washed.

A, 30 degrees below the water temperature washing machine weak wash

B, neutral detergent

C, can not be bleached, not dry cleaning

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