The difference between compound fleece and double-sided fleece

- Aug 08, 2018-

The composite fleece is processed by two kinds of the same quality or different fleece through the laminating machine. Double-sided shake fleece is a fleece that is subjected to double-sided shake pilling. The price is generally a relatively high level of compound fleece.

However, for general blankets, there are more composite fleece, but some customers need two pieces of the same quality of fleece to sew together, no need to compound, but that kind of washing is not very convenient. In addition, there are more fleece filaments that are generally used as blankets.

Fleece is very ashy, and it will stick with other clothes! How to avoid it?

The fleece will absorb the ash, probably because its own fiber has static electricity, and the static electricity has the function of sucking and floating to bring the dust to the fabric or clothes, but generally it will not stick together when it is mixed with other clothes. The things that stick together may be particles on the fleece. Avoiding it is impossible, because it has fiber about the fabric itself, but now experts have developed an additive, which is an anti-static additive. When the fabric is finished, adding this additive can reduce the fleece suction. Gray phenomenon.

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