Velour Vs Velvet

- Dec 04, 2018-

As mentioned, velour and velvet are very similar and are commonly confused for the same material. Aside from being made from very different fibres, the weaving process does differ slightly too. When weaving velour, the yarns are knitted into loops to make a pile weave, and then the small loops are cut off which causes the fabric to lose its sheen. Velvet is actually woven on a special loom which weaves two thicknesses of the fibres at the same time. The two pieces are cut apart which creates the tufted soft pile effect with the layers being wound onto separate rolls.

Before industrial power looms were available, creating velvet was very complicated and time-consuming, which contribute to its higher price alongside the all natural silk fibres. Because it is knitted, velour is traditionally much stretchier than velvet, but developments in the textile industry means that velvet can be used for almost all the same applications these days – from curtains to clothing or upholstery.