waterproof oxford fabric how to work

- Mar 05, 2018-


waterproof Oxford fabric is usually refers to its own waterproof function of the fabric of Oxford cloth. The key to waterproof Oxford fabric is the functional film used in Oxford cloth.

Waterproof Oxford cloth is usually because the fabric used has been treated by splashing prevention. The water repellent treatment is actually a special treatment on the surface of the fabric, which is usually added when the fabric is finished, so as to achieve durable water repellent performance. The advantage of this treatment is that the surface can not absorb water, and the waterproof Oxford fabric can achieve good air permeability.

Oxford cloth fabric relaxation, alkali, dyeing, anti-static coating and other processing, has a light texture, soft, waterproof and fireproof performance, good durability and other advantages. It is suitable for tents, bags, shoe 

materials, rehabilitation equipment, outdoor sports supplies, children's cars and other materials.