What are the classifications of suede fabrics

- Feb 29, 2020-

What are the classifications of suede fabrics

Suede fabrics are divided according to the direction of the pile threads on the surface of the fabric. There are warp suede, weft suede, and warp and weft bidirectional suede.

According to the fabric organization, there are twill suede, satin suede, and suede with varying tissues.

According to the raised surface, there are single-sided suede and double-sided suede.

2. Raw materials of imitation suede fabric

The raw material of suede-like fabric is generally polyester ultrafine fiber. The polyester ultrafine fiber is a new product with high quality, high performance, high technical content and high added value.

Its monofilament linear density is much lower than that of conventional polyester fibers, which gives it excellent wearability properties different from conventional polyester fibers, such as moisture absorption, breathability, soft feel, fullness, elasticity, bulkiness, and airiness.