What is a composite suede fabric

- Sep 21, 2018-

What kind of fabric is the composite suede? What does composite suede fabric mean? Composite suede fabric refers to the yarn used in the warp or weft of the fabric. It is processed from a recycled PET bottle (mineral water bottle and cola bottle) (separated by quality inspection, slicing, spinning) and then spun and weaved. Also known as RPET fabric. The fabric is fresh and elegant, very beautiful, bright and not faded. It has soft touch, good velvet, soft and delicate, no pilling, good anti-wrinkle performance, strong taking ability and easy to care for drape. Its surface texture is also similar to natural suede. After special finishing, it is fine and smooth, soft and full, more durable than natural suede, and easier to maintain. It is widely used in modern fashion, shoe materials, toys and furniture decoration, and is a novel decorative material. The suede is made of new raw material microfiber as the main raw material. After the reduction (grinding) process, it has not only soft hand feeling, good drapability, strong stability (no shrinkage or elongation due to cleaning), but also good ventilation. Sex, insect proof, anti-corrosion.

It has the characteristics of soft hand feeling, can withstand dry cleaning, washing, sand washing, high temperature, etc. The quality can reach the national regulations and meet various environmental protection requirements. The products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

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