What is the composition of suede fabric

- Oct 30, 2018-

There are two kinds of suede, one is pure animal or sheep skin. But the other is more commonly used, and more often mentioned, is the suede of chemical fiber.

In the fabric market, if it comes to suede, it generally refers to chemical fiber, including denim faux leather, warp-like suede (faux suede), latitude faux leather (satin faux leather ), warp-knitted leather, double-sided faux leather, elastic faux leather and so on. In the development of synthetic fiber suede products, the raw materials selected are microfiber filaments, which are woven into fabrics and processed through special dyeing and finishing processes to form fine and uniform fluff on the surface of the finished fabric. The microfiber has the advantages of fluffiness, elegance, and soft handfeel. The drape and softness of the microfiber fabric are excellent, and the hand feel is comfortable. There are various types of microfibers, which are suitable for suede-like polyester/diester islands and polyester/japanese petals. The island-type fibers are opened by dissolving method, and the orange-shaped fibers are opened by stripping. The method of dissolving the polyester/polyester island-type fiber by the dissolution method to make it into an ultra-fine fiber after opening is relatively reliable. Therefore, the weft is made of polyester 16.7tex/36fx371 (island silk) + 7.6tex conventional polyester coated double-twisted, and the polyester with l1.1tex is used as the raw material for developing suede products.