What is weft knitted suede

- May 31, 2018-

What is weft knitted suede?Weft knitted suede is a kind of knitted suede.We see in the market is more faux suede of warp knitting and tatting faux suede. Weft faux suede belongs to a kind of new product, weft knitting faux suede market demand more and more big, but it is complicated manufacturing process of trouble.

Weft woven suede can be divided into ordinary weft woven suede and four - sided elastic suede.Ordinary weft woven suede only has weft elasticity, while four-sided elastic suede has elasticity both weft and warp.

The raw material of weft woven suede is mainly island silk.Island silk is not only rare but also precious ultrafine fiber.The grey suede cloth is formed after the island silk is woven by the big round machine. The grey suede cloth needs to be dyed and ground.Finally, the formation of a hairy, elastic weft - woven suede.

Domestic manufacturers include only a few xinrong textiles, generally used for weft woven suede 105D specifications, can also be completely customized.It is an ideal choice in many people's hearts to make clothes with suede woven by weft with fine texture, elastic recoil effect and comfortable hand feel.

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