Will suede fade? What is the general color fastness of suede?

- Apr 18, 2020-

Will suede fade? What is the general color fastness of suede?

Suede, dense and soft suede effect, simulated leather feel, retro style, so that suede fabrics are widely used in clothing, home textiles, bags, shoe materials and other fields, enduring, and now people call suede , Generally refers to artificial suede also called imitation suede, as people's living standards improve, people's pursuit of color is unsatisfactory for natural suede, and artificial suede gives suede a beautiful Color, any color can be produced.

The rich colors of artificial suede make suede clothing and suede items become fashionable and trendy. But there is also an inevitable problem. That is the problem of color fastness. Suede will fade as well, and many people even complain about the poor color fastness of suede? What about the color fastness of suede? We will talk about it today.

Dyeing of suede fabrics is done by cylinder dyeing and disperse dyeing. It is well known that fabric dyeing and dyes are used less, and the color fastness is higher. Can reach more than 3 levels, and dark colors such as: big red, brown, green, black, color fastness is generally dry grinding can reach 2.5 levels, wet grinding about 2 levels. The color fastness to ISO105 6-color fiber is only 2 grades for nylon and vinegar, 2.5 grades for wool, and 4 grades for cotton and acrylic!

The same is chemical fiber cloth, why is the dark color fastness of suede so poor? Suede is a kind of ultra-fine fiber. Its single yarn is generally 0.1 D or less. It is thinner than traditional chemical fiber and has a much larger surface area than traditional polyester. Therefore, the color yield is much lower! Ordinary ternary dark disperse dyes, 8% (owf) polyester is already very deep. To reach the same depth, the amount of dye used to dye suede is increased by at least 50%! The suede fibers are fine, and the disperse dyes are used to dye dark colors, and the dye concentration is generally 12-15% (owf). With so many dyes, the fiber is already saturated, so the color of the dyeing liquid is very dark. Generally speaking, the dye can not eat and float on the surface, so the dark fastness of suede is generally not very good! Generally, the color fastness of woven suede is higher than that of knitted suede, and the color fastness of non-elastic is higher than that of elastic.