Advantages Of Soft Shell Emergency Clothing

- Jan 03, 2018-

Compared to the hard shell (the vest):
Soft shell material soft, movable freely, more comfortable touch;
Soft shell more warm, fabric thickness, many lined with velvet;
Soft shell activity noise is small, the fabric softer noise is smaller, this is easy to ignore but the actual use is very important, some hard shell to wear and plastic sheeting, sound very annoying, wearing soft shell activities without this burden;
Soft shell appearance can be close to the non-functional jacket, part of the product design can be applied to city wear, to our wild programmers and easy to avoid ridicule too miserable;
Soft shell waterproof ability is inferior to hard crust, breathable ability is stronger than the crust, but already has the fabric to start waterproof, the future trend must be the fusion.