Strict Environmental Protection, Backward Production Capacity And Orderly Elimination

- Feb 27, 2018-

The policy of environmental protection is stricter, and the production cost of the industry is high. In the process of dye production, a large number of waste acids, organic substances and other harmful wastes will be produced. During the "12th Five-Year", the biggest problem in the dyestuff industry was environmental protection. Because of the low cost of the law, the small and medium-sized enterprises with high energy consumption and high pollution survived a lot. Since 2017, "emission standard of pollutants" dye industry set up, small and medium-sized enterprises face greater environmental remediation pressure; in addition, in 2018 the environmental tax levy standards, from the cost of pollution backward production technology enterprises set up barriers to entering or continuous production. The main impact of these two factors on the dyestuff industry is the supply side, accelerating environmental protection against the standard。