What Are The Characteristics Of Velvet?

- Jan 03, 2018-

1. Velvet fabric feel silky, have toughness, make clothes very grade, although will drop a little hair, but after washing soft, skin.
2. Velvet has excellent biocompatibility with the human body, in addition to the smooth surface of the human body, its friction stimulation coefficient is second only to silk, so, when our delicate skin and smooth delicate silk encounter, it with its unique supple texture, according to the human curve, considerate and safe care of our every inch of skin.
3. Velvet is widely used in apparel fabrics, has excellent wrinkle resistance, elasticity and dimensional stability, good insulation performance, the use of a very wide range, applicable to men and women clothing.
4. Velvet fabric such as a lot of excellent, shading, light, ventilation, heat insulation, anti-ultraviolet, fire, moisture, easy to clean and other characteristics, is a very good fabric, used for apparel manufacturing is popular in modern people.