Vacant Layer Suede Profile

- Apr 28, 2018-

The vacant layer suede fabric is generally made of two layers of knitted fabrics, and the middle is made of a special process compounded, and the middle is not a common compound and tightly bonded, there will be about 1-2 mm of vacancy, and the fine velvet will be used. The two fabrics are compounded because they have a wider hollow space than other composite fabrics, so they are called air layer fabrics. The whole fabric is not as soft as the usual knitted fabrics. Instead, it has the general feeling of coats and coats. Therefore, many people use coats like coat coats and windbreakers.

What is the advantage of air layer suede?

The reason why the air layer suede was greatly welcomed in the market is mainly because its own advantages are in line with the public's taste. To understand the air layer suede, we must first understand what it is:

One: feel thick

The feel of this fabric is very rich and thick, with pores that are indistinguishable from the naked eye, and has a very good breathability. Air layer suede is used in the garment industry. It is usually made into ladies' dresses, coats and so on. It is soft and smooth and breathable. It is very comfortable.

Second, a variety of colors

The color of the air layer jacquard cloth is also varied. It does not resemble some inferior fabrics and will have very strict requirements on the matching of colors. Air layer suede can match the color, and will not affect the cloth itself, which to the greatest extent meet the consumer demand for beauty.

Third, good elasticity

Air layer jacquard cloth is not only light and breathable, but also has good elasticity. In some sports apparel, there is also a certain use. Athletes can freely put their desired posture, and they will not feel any sense of restraint, and they will not be deformed due to excessive movement.

Fourth, the price is reasonable

With so many advantages, people will think that the market price of jacquard cloth in air layer is also very high. Actually, the market price of air layer suede is very reasonable and will not cause economic pressure to anyone. This kind of cost-effective cloth is also rarely seen in the market.

In summary, people should understand the advantages of air layer suede. It should be noted that this kind of cloth is very popular in the market, consumers need to carefully identify this kind of cloth when buying. The fabric material is true or false so as not to be deceived.