Compound Suede Fabric Introduction

- Apr 30, 2018-

With the popularity of the suede market in recent years, its excellent features are even more widely known. The most used leather PUs and microfibers used in the footwear industry are increasingly used for suede.

     Then pure suede does not meet the demand for the use of these products, so we need further processing. The combination of the corresponding materials allows them to replace the characteristics of expensive leather. So now, suede can be compounded. Which material is it!

     At present, common composite materials include knitted fabrics, t/c fabrics, and other fabrics.

Knitted cloth, such as satin cloth, is a material with high density, strong and firm, and light and thin material. It is very suitable for the liner of handbags.

There is also TC cloth. This material is thicker than a knitted fabric, but its texture is thick and it is ideal for many sofa fabrics.

     As the product line increases, more and better composite materials will be available to meet in the future.