What Is Soft Shell Fabric?

- Jun 25, 2018-

What is soft shell fabric?

Soft shell fabrics (Soft Shell) basically every winter warm + windproof induction type shell, of course, want to rain can not expect soft shell fabrics. Two of the more famous "soft-shell" fabrics are Gore's Wind-Stopper soft shell and Mountain Hard Ware's duct soft shell.

Recently, there are other brands that have portrayed the original concept of "soft shell" and developed a light, thin but not warm pure coat-type "soft shell" that resembles the jacket. (Actually, this kind of clothing should be called Utility. In any case, there is no exclusive right for this word. Everyone can call their product Soft Shell, but it is only for us users who are confused by those dazzling nouns.

May wish to trace back to the root of the meaning of Soft Shell, for the interpretation of the concept of "soft shell", can be expected to be literal and righteous - "soft" means that this type of clothing is born out of soft and warm Fleece.

"Shell" means that it can also be worn as a coat, with a little or complete protection against rain.

The soft shell fabric with film is soft shell in the shell type clothes in the biggest advantage lies in its breathability, this point is too important, plus the nano film is not as good as direct buy hard shell forget.

Marmot's definition is this: Soft Shell = comfortable, breathable, durable and versatile. Soft Shell is indeed a common Winde-Stopper, Wind-Pro or Wind-Block Fleece flannel (only with windproof thermal function) more Good alternatives expand the performance of traditional windbreaks, making them suitable for a wider range of activity areas and more weather conditions.

The appearance characteristics of softshell fabrics are - the nylon outer material of the textile instead of the traditional Fleece suede. The benefit of this is to prevent pilling and to facilitate DWR anti-water treatment.

Heavy-duty, soft-shell fabrics, which are more windproof and water-repellent than most other softshell fabrics (including PowerShield), are heavier and harder,

However, a soft soft shell makes it inflexible when climbing or climbing ice. It wears like a robot and it rustles. It is windproof and warm, but it has poor air permeability.



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